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Need a cardboard baler for your companies recycling needs? Get the best results from your equipment with Norton Equipment.

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Refurbished equipment, from top to bottom

Replacing your company's industrial recycling equipment can be incredibly cost prohibitive. But, without high performing machinery, your business could be losing out on efficiency, delivery, revenue and future business.

Before you decide to replace old or malfunctioning equipment, contact Norton Equipment Company. Our experts can perform a comprehensive diagnosis and determine if your machinery needs to be replaced or if can, simply, be refurbished and brought up to your production standards. It's faster and more cost effective option, helping keep your business-and your budget-on track.

  • Full assessment to review the age, condition and needs of your recycling equipment and machinery.
  • Comprehensive report delivered post-inspection that outlines repair and refurbishing costs, transportation and other key cost and timing considerations.
  • Custom warranties for all refurbished equipment give you added piece of mind.

And if you DO need something new? Start with Norton Equipment Company's refurbished recycling equipment, including a comprehensive line of state-of-the-art balers from all major brands.

  • Harris/Selco
  • JV Manufacturing
  • Marathon
  • MaxPak
  • Galbreath

When we say we refurbish a piece of recycling equipment, we mean it. Norton Equipment refurbishes machinery down to the frame. All refurbished equipment includes:

  • Reconditioned motor
  • Rebuilt pump
  • New hoses
  • Complete safety and cleanliness check
  • Oil change
  • A comprehensive warranty

Ready to go refurbished? Contact us today to learn more and schedule your review or to check out our line of refurbished balers and recycling equipment.

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