NEC is affiliated with several major manufacturers of recycling equipment. We have a wide offering of balers and conveyors, including, but not limited to:

Vertical Balers

Designed to bale corrugated, plastic, newspaper and other non-ferrous materials. Vertical balers are a compact way to reduce waste and associated disposal costs. In other words, save money and space. These balers are easy to use and designed to ensure operator safety. The vertical baler has value and durability which withstands the demands of the recycling industry.


Closed Door Horizontal Balers

The Narrow Box Closed Door baler is designed for baling various grades of waste paper, including shredded, trim, skeleton, and die cut materials. The Wide Mouth Closed Door balers offer manual, conveyor, pneumatic, or chute feed and are ideal for distribution centers, warehouses, industrial plants, recycling facilities, and non-ferrous metal facilities.


Open End Horizontal Balers

Wide-Mouth and Super Wide-Mouth balers are ideal for distribution centers, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, MRF operators, paper converters, paper stock dealers, printing and recycling plants. They provide an economical and versatile choice.

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