Compactors For Hotels

Compactors For Hotels Norton Equipment

Hotels produce significant waste—the average guest leaves behind about 2 ½ pounds of trash per day. With millions of guests—and millions of tons of waste left behind—it’s clear recycling bins can’t always stand up to the challenge. That’s an especially important consideration as more and … Read More

Norton Equipment Company Welcomes Bretany Hannigan

Norton Equipment Company Welcomes Bretany Hannigan

Byhalia, United States – June 29, 2018 /CMG/ — Bretany Hannigan joins Norton Equipment Company (NEC) as a service administrative assistant and will work directly with customers for service and parts. She brings a wealth of customer service experience, along with efficiency, organization and professionalism. NEC is confident … Read More

How Corrugated Cardboard Is Made

corrugated cardboard

Pizza delivery boxes, shipping boxes, retail store displays — corrugated cardboard is everywhere, working hard to protect our favorite products as they travel through the distribution chain before landing on our doorsteps and in pantries. Comprised of three layers of thick, brown kraft paper, corrugated … Read More

Benefits Of Having Regular Service for Your Baler

Regular Service for your baler

If your company produces a significant amount of recyclable waste each month a baler is, likely, a smart investment. Balers are a cost-effective and environmentally responsible way to handle in-house waste. The key, though? Ensuring your machine is properly serviced, with ongoing maintenance and routine … Read More

Warning Signs Your Equipment Needs Servicing


The constant demands of running a business make it easy to forget about recycling equipment maintenance. Even though conveyors, compactors, balers and other recycling gear are a big investment – and ones that can save your business a lot of money – many companies take … Read More

Service Spotlight | May 2018 Equipment Refurbishers

Norton Equipment 20 years

American | by Mary M. Cox As markets fluctuate, reconditioning equipment may sometimes be a more attractive path than replacement. Crigler Enterprises offers rebuild services for recycling equipment nationwide. “We provide soup-to-nuts services – from simple repairs to complete frame up restoration. Crigler offers … Read More

Norton Equipment Company Celebrates 21 Years in Business

Over Two Decades of Helping the Mid-South Recycle Better Byhalia, MS, United States – April 12, 2018 /CMG/ — Founded in March 1997, Norton Equipment Company(NEC) recently reached a major milestone, celebrating 21 years in business. For more than two decades, NEC has provided and serviced recycling … Read More

4 Reasons to Kickstart Your Company’s Recycling Program


Recycling is essential — no surprise there. Every ton of paper recycled saves seven trees and more than 60,000 gallons of waters — and that’s just the beginning. While half of Americans say they recycle significantly, many small businesses lag in terms of participation and … Read More

5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Baler Running Smoothly


A baler is a big investment and, more importantly, it’s central to the productivity and profitability of your business. Keep yours running smoothly, and you’ll be well positioned for efficiency, effectiveness and success. If you don’t keep tabs on your baler’s ongoing maintenance, though, there’s … Read More

4 Benefits To Buying A Norton-Refurbished Baler

buying a refurbished baler

Considering a new baler? Before you invest the big bucks, consider the alternative: a Norton-refurbished baler delivered in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost, while still guaranteeing the same efficiency and delivery you’d expect from a brand new baler. Sounds … Read More