Equipment Evaluations And Inspections

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Make Sure Your Equipment Is Running Smoothly

Did you know that your major equipment needs a comprehensive inspection every three to 12 months? These complete assessments ensure your machines are working effectively and efficiently — and producing the best possible outputs for you and your business.

Equipment Evaluations And Inspections

Save Time AND Money

Norton Equipment Co. is an expert at equipment evaluations and inspections and can provide necessary assessments on any machines at any time. Our comprehensive reviews check for wear and tear as well as potential issues that could become costly problems down the road. This saves your business time, money, and the headaches that come with major repairs.

We’ll check for:

  • General structural assessments, including physical appearance, metal fatigue, wear points, wiper blades and ground anchors
  • Hydraulic system check, from fluid levels and filters to general condition of hoses and fittings to operational pressure checks
  • Lubrication on door hinges and panels, paddle latches, access gates and turnbuckles, plus ram track and guides Electrical systems and control panel, including wire conditions, tight connections and relays/switches
  • Piping integrity Safety and limit switches Operational functions, such as warning lights, emergency stops and pressure gauges Evaluation for all OSHA and ANSI standards Projected life expediencies on all equipment based on current conditions and operational needs

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Once complete, your NEC expert team will provide a full baseline inspection report and preventative maintenance recommendations, along with an ongoing evaluation schedule.

Contact us now to schedule your equipment evaluation and inspection. We’ll provide fast, flexible service that meets your needs and budget, and offer expert advice to improve the longevity of your machines — and that saves you time and money, now and in the future.