4 Reasons to Kickstart Your Company’s Recycling Program

Updated July 25, 2022
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Kickstart Your Company Recycling Today

Recycling is essential -- no surprise there. Every ton of paper recycled saves seven trees and more than 60,000 gallons of water -- and that’s just the beginning.

While half of Americans say they recycle significantly, many small businesses lag in terms of participation and company commitment. Whether it’s due to lacking budget or a misguided perception that small business recycling won’t move the needle, too many companies aren’t taking the necessary steps to introduce and enhance these vital programs. If that sounds like your organization, read on. By initiating a new or evolving an existing recycling program, you’ll save money, save resources and boost employee morale, while contributing to this essential global movement from day one.

#1. You’ll Save Money

If your business recycles, you’ll have less waste going into dumpsters and spend less in waste management fees. Beyond that, though, if you’re recycling larger equipment like computers, smartphones and printers, you may be able to trade them in for discounts on newer models. Many retailers will accept old and even broken devices, refurbishing or recycling them on their end. The end result? You save on your next purchase while helping boost recycling in your market.

#2. You’ll Drive Employee Satisfaction

Taking steps to implement and promote a company-wide recycling program can actually lead to happier, more satisfied employees. Make sure you have visible, designated bins, clear-cut protocols promoted around the office and, above all, that participation is encouraged and lauded. The more you make this initiative central to your company’s day-to-day, the more you’ll move the needle -- and the happier your staff will be.

#3. You’ll Boost Your Image

To that end, having a company-wide recycling program can help boost your company’s image in the community and the industry. Clients, customers and stakeholders like to hear an organization is taking positive, proactive steps to improve the environment -- so don’t be shy about touting your efforts online, via social media or through local media efforts.

#4. You’ll Be Helping the Environment

Everytime you and your business recycle, you’re doing your part to help the environment. While it may seem like small steps, recycling even at this scale can have a tremendous impact on material and energy usage. The average person products more than 1,600 pounds of trash per year -- even in a small business that can easily become tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds of trash during the work day alone. By redirecting a portion of this waste to recycling, you’ll be contributing to the solution in a big way.

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