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Updated July 25, 2022
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5 Reasons Hotels Should Make the Switch from Recycling Bins to Compactors

Hotels produce significant waste—the average guest leaves behind about 2 ½ pounds of trash per day. With millions of guests—and millions of tons of waste left behind—it’s clear recycling bins can’t always stand up to the challenge. That’s an especially important consideration as more and more hotels move to a green or no-carbon footprint approach. With that, many are taking significant steps—specifically, switching from traditional recycling bins to efficient, cost-effective compactors.

These compactors not only improve recycling and waste efforts but, also, curb related expenses from day one—since compactors can be used for both recyclables and trash, your hotel will instantly minimize waste pickup, improving your efficiency and boosting your commitment to going “green.”

That, though, is just the beginning. There are several key benefits to trading up your recycling program to a compactor-based system. For starters…

Compactors Cut Out Cardboard Breakdown Time

Even in the most well-established hotel, most recycling bins fill up with boxes that aren’t broken down. Inevitably, this means a staff member has to spend a few hours breaking down boxes to fill the bin properly.

Compactors eliminate this need. They handle whole materials without any need to break them down. This saves labor hours while helping boost your recycling efforts. They work well to help compress large amounts of material into a small container. As such, they limit the number of trips your waste collector has to make to the hotel for trash pickup. That saves you money.

Compactors are Easy to Locate and Manage

Unlike recycling bins that must be stored outside and, often, away from the building, there’s no need for this with a compactor. Plus, they eliminate the unsightly mess overflowing bins tend to create. They can be placed inside and kept very neat—almost undetectable.

Compactors Are Less of a Safety and Health Risk

Using a recycling bin can be messy and even risky—many teams report maintenance crews stepping or jumping onto larger cardboard boxes and other recyclable materials just to fit them in small recycling bins.
Compactors allow for more material to be stored neatly before the collection crew arrives. They minimize safety and hazard risks by keeping materials within your confined space neater and more organized—and you’ll never have to jump up and down to flatten piles of cardboard again. We know you’ve done it…

Compactors Are Effortless to Install

A new compactor at your hotel is a smart, cost-effective decision that doesn’t require a lot of hard work to put into place. Our expert team will work one-on-one with you and your business to choose the right size and type of compactor for your needs.
Once you train your employees in proper use, they’ll see using a compactor is no harder than breaking down plastics and boxes for waste and recycling bins.

Compactors Help You Manage Materials Faster

While you can try to control the type of waste and materials put into your recycling bin, a compactor makes it easy for you to get trash and recyclables more efficiently and effectively.
Compactors compact anything you want them to, including unsorted and mixed waste products. All material is stored in a container, which is then picked up by your waste collector for delivery to the landfill.
If your landfill sorts recycling using a compactor makes sense. If you want to keep recyclables separate, consider two different containers for the types of materials you can and cannot mix.

Ready To Switch?

Ready to Make the Switch? If your organization is looking for a more efficient solution, make Norton Equipment Co. your first call. Contact us today for more information and one-on-one guidance to get your compactor installed fast.