Vertical Baler Or Horizontal Baler? Which is Best For You?

Updated July 25, 2022
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Vertical Baler Or Horizontal Baler?

Your company needs a baler—there’s no question about that. Once you’ve got a powerhouse baler in place, you’ll be able to better manage cardboard and other recyclables, and generate significant incremental revenue as a result. And, really, who’s not interested in that?

But that doesn’t mean you should, simply, opt for whatever baler pops up first. There are tons of options on the market, and it’s essential you choose the baler and baling equipment that syncs with your company and its unique recycling needs. The first choice? Whether to go with a horizontal or vertical baler.

Don’t worry, though—choosing the right baler doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply ask yourself:

What am I going to use this baler for? What materials will I be processing?

Cardboard? Aluminum? Paper? Non-ferrous metals? Something else? Will you be processing loads under 250-260 pounds? Closer to 1,000 pounds? More than that? If you’re going to be processing larger volumes of recyclables, for example, you’ll likely want to go with a horizontal baler which have a denser bale.

How much space can you dedicate to your baler?

Vertical balers tend to be a better choice for smaller spaces since they take up much less space than their horizontal counterparts. If you’ve got a smaller warehouse or workspace, vertical is likely the way to go—provided you’ve got the ceiling height to match. If not—or, again, if you need significant processing capabilities—then horizontal is probably a better fit.

Do you want hand tying or a tying system?

Many horizontal balers have tying systems in place, while most vertical balers require hand-tying. If you have a preference, now is the time to factor that in.

Other Considerations

Some other considerations? Look for built-in safety features which will not only protect you and your team but will help the entire process run more smoothly. Also, most companies opt for balers with three-phase electrical systems, which are both economical and effective.

Once you’ve established your specific needs—or if you want to talk through some of your options—get in touch. The team at Norton Equipment Co. have the expertise and insights to help get your recycling capabilities up and running fast. Whether it’s a vertical baler, horizontal baler or some specialized workflows and systems, our team will ensure you’re in motion ASAP, processing recyclables and creating a powerhouse revenue stream for your business.