The safest way to use a baler

safest way to use a cardboard baler

How to use a baler safely

A cardboard baler can be one of the most useful pieces of recycling equipment. There are many advantages to using a cardboard baler, as it compacts your cardboard waste into a smaller volume of material. In turn, you’ll save on the cost of waste collection and save floor space. In addition, using a cardboard baler can also be great for the environment, as you can help save carbon dioxide.

When it comes to using a baler, it is important to be properly trained to ensure the safety of those using the baler. Though a baler is an incredibly useful tool, it can be dangerous, like any other large piece of machinery. In this article, we’ll provide you with some safety tips to ensure the safe use of your cardboard baler.

Training the Team

Training your team should be the first step before anyone uses the cardboard baler. Anyone using the baler should have received proper instruction manuals and training before use. The operator should review the operator manual and instructions to ensure safety. A baler is not something you can just “figure out” as you go! Anyone under the age of 18 should not operate the baler. This is a law that is initiated by OSHA. Routine safety checks should also be performed to eliminate chances for any potential hazardous conditions.

Operation Safety Tips

  1. Read the labels on your equipment. Do not ignore any warning labels! Labels are designed to be read and are put there to ensure your safety. This includes safety information like pinch-points, high voltage, and operator age.
  2. It is important to know how to handle the equipment to remove and store the bales that are created by using the baler. Every facility should have operation procedures in place to store and stack these bales safely.
  3. Do not place glass, metal, or other objects in a cardboard baler.
  4. If necessary, wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) as required by your employer. This might include glasses, gloves, or steel toed shoes.
  5. Clean the baler and the floor around it when you’re finished using it. Avoid collecting dust on the floor around the baler, as this can be a safety and fall hazard.
  6. If operation concerns arise, always contact your supervisor or dedicated contact person. Issues should not be ignored, as they can be dangerous for the safety of the person operating the machine, and may damage the machine. Do not use the baler if you suspect there may be any issues or concerns relating to it’s functionality.
  7. Keep wires, cutters, and other tools away from the baler at all times.
  8. Always inspect the hoses on your cardboard baler regularly for any possible cuts or abrasions. Over time, these hoses can be susceptible to heat and wear and tear. Inspect the wires regularly.


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