Clear Signs Your Trash Compactor Needs to Be Repaired 

Updated March 3, 2022
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A trash compactor is an extremely helpful tool to help companies reduce waste. Similar to most mechanical systems, your trash compactor will eventually need some repairs. This is especially true for commercial-grade trash compactors that endure high usage levels day in and day out. When an industrial trash compactor breaks down, it can significantly disrupt business operations. 

We have compiled this list of signs that it’s time to get your trash compactor repaired:

1. Your Trash Compactor Wont Turn On

If you are having trouble getting your trash compactor to turn on, you may be thinking it automatically needs to be replaced. The good news is, that’s not always the case, and the fix may actually be quite simple. For example, the start switch may be faulty, or the safety switch may have failed. These issues can be fixed pretty quickly. Other common causes of a trash compactor not turning on include the directional switch, drive motor, or foot pedal problems, in addition to corroded switch contacts. If your trash compactor stops working and won’t turn on, check its wiring schematic and then test its switch continuity with a multimeter. You can examine the motor by shutting off the power, disconnecting the motor, and removing it from the compactor. Next, you should check the motor windings and centrifugal switch for continuity. If you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable using these techniques, it’s a good idea to call in the professionals at Norton Equipment.

2. The Unit is Smelly or Noisy

Noise doesn’t necessarily mean you need an equipment repair. As you likely know, trash compactors always make noise when they run. If you notice your system becoming louder than usual or the nature of the sound changes, it’s time to call in the experts. Unusual noise can often mean the trash compactor is damaged or a component needs to be replaced.

A stinky smell is not always an immediate indication of a problem either; as we know, trash generally stinks over time. If you notice your compactor is starting to smell, it’s time to give it a deep cleaning. Unplug the unit and turn off the power before you start cleaning, then clean out all debris and give the inside of the compactor a thorough cleaning too. Be sure to use antibacterial cleaning products.

3. The Panel is Stuck

You should never try to force the door open if it’s stuck because this may cause more damage that will be expensive to fix. There might be debris in the way, but the reason could be a mechanical issue. It’s possible that the rollers are damaged, and in some instances, they just need to be lubricated. In order to prevent your waste compactor from becoming stuck is to clean it often and clear out any blockages regularly. 

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